Jyestha Nakshatra Shanti Puja

Jyestha Nakshatra Shanti Puja

  • Removes obstacles from life
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Enhances positive effect of Jyeshta Nakshatra 
  • Helps gain positive results during Mercury Mahadasha
  • Gains health, wealth, and prosperity in life
  • Personalised Puja Based On Your Sankalp
  • Attend Live Vedic Puja
  • Expert Team Of Vedic Pandits
  • Authentic Online Puja At Your Convenience


The star constellation in which the Moon transited at the time of an individual’s birth is known as Janam Nakshatra. Because the Moon is considered the ruler of the Mind, the star constellation in which the Moon dwells defines the person’s characteristics, thoughts, and actions. 

According to Vedic Astrology, Janam Nakshatra has a significant impact on an individual’s destiny. Thus, Nakshatra Shanti Puja is performed to counteract the adverse effects of the Nakshatra. The Puja aims to counteract the adverse effects of the planets during their main period or sub-period.

  • Jyeshta Nakshatra reflects Lord Indra’s glorious aspects, which represent achievement, splendour, and material wealth. It denotes supreme glory and expresses the senior or elder. 
  • According to the Hindu calendar, the Jyeshta month gets its name from the Jyeshta Nakshatra. 
  • It’s the star associated with seniority. It bestows intellectual abilities and protection on the native.
  • Mercury is the governing planet overlooking Jyeshta Nakshatra, according to Vedic Astrology. 
  • The Jyeshta Nakshatra star is female. Lord Indra, the ruling deity, bestows bravery and shrewdness on the natives.

How does Jyestha Nakshatra Shanti Puja Work?

  • The Nakshatras are worshipped ritualistically, with mantras and offerings to deities such as Ganesh, Matrika, and the Nakshatra Deity – ‘Indra’ (lord of the storm). 
  • Kalash Sthapana, Panchanga Sthapana, Punya Vachanam, and Nandi Shradh are also part of the Puja service. 
  • Vedic priests also perform Homa (Havan), in which ghee, sesame, barley, and other sacred material associated with Jyeshta Nakshatra Shanti Puja Yagyaare offered to Agni while chanting various Vedic Suktam and Mantras. 
  • Homam is a powerful tool for removing the adverse effects of Nakshatra from our birth chart.
  • To reap the additional benefits of Puja, the Puja must be performed on the best Muhurat on the day of Jyeshta Nakshatra. 
  • As a result, MyPandit will organise a team of 4 to 5 priests led by an Acharya, a master of Vedic Rituals, to complete the Puja on the best-given Muhurat.

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Is Jyeshta Nakshatra good?

Jyeshta’s electoral nature is Tikshna, which means “sharp” or “intense.” Jyeshta is an auspicious nakshatra for undergoing surgery. acquiring a piercing

What is the problem with Jyeshta Nakshatra?

Jyestha Nakshatra natives may have a variety of mental disturbances and psychological disorders. Anxiety, restlessness, sleep disorders, depression, hysteria, low confidence, fears, phobias, split personality disorder, severe emotional disturbances, and various other issues may be present.

Is Jyeshta Nakshatra suitable for baby birth?

It has been observed that some females born in this Nakshatra suffer from uterine disorders. However, according to the rules of “yoni kuta,” Jyeshta Nakshatra has instinctive compatibility with Anuradha Nakshatra.