Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Yantra Copper

Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Yantra - Copper

  • Removes the negative influence of Grahan Dosh
  • Pacifies the effect of Rahu and enhances the luck factor
  • Protects from obstacles and misfortunes
  • Boosts self-confidence and improves career development
  • Improvises relationship with seniors and elderly family members
  • Helps overcome issues of restlessness and anxiety in life
  • Personalised Yantra based on your sankalp
  • Purified, Energised and Attuned by Expert Pandits
  • 100% Authentic and Genuine Yantra


Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh occurs when the Sun and Rahu are in the same house in the birth chart. This conjunction has a strong influence and has a significant impact on the native’s life. Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh causes many obstacles, hindrances, stress, and unhappiness in many areas of life.

On the other hand, Surya – Rahu Grahan Dosha produces varying results depending on their placements and degree of conjunction. The Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja is the most powerful Vedic method for counteracting the adverse effects of the Dosha.

To amplify the Copper plated Surya-Rahu Grahan Dosh Yantra’s power, strength and benefits, it is energised and attuned by MyPandit’s Expert Pandits by performing strict Vedic rituals.

  • According to Vedic Astrology, if the planets Sun and Rahu are placed in the same house or aspect each other in an individual’s kundli or Horoscope, this is known as Purna Surya Grahan dosh, also known as Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh.
  • When the planets Sun and Ketu are in the same house or aspect each other, it is known as Partial Surya Grahan dosh or Surya Ketu Grahan Dosh.
  • The term ‘Grahan’ means Eclipse, and just as the powerful Sun goes through Eclipse, it causes darkness on Earth. The native faces obstacles, hindrances, stress, and unhappiness in many aspects of life due to Surya Grahan Dosha in the natal chart.
  • As we all know, the Sun or Surya is known as the giver of life force, energy, and vitality.
  • Astrologically, Planet Surya stands for power, good health, wealth, name, fame, and many other positive things in life. However, with Purna Surya Grahan Dosh and Partial Surya Grahan Dosh in the birth-chart, the benefits of Surya/Sun are obstructed, resulting in various problems and difficulties in life.
  • One of the other Surya Grahan Dosh remedies is to offer water to the Sun every morning and the Surya mantra, Aditya Hriday stotra, or Gayatri mantra. When a person is born on a Grahan or Eclipse day, the Grahan dosh is also considered.

How does Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Yantra Work?

  • Our Yantras are authentic and well-made, so the geometric patterns on them are clear and helpful, thereby helping you solve your issue or energise a specific planet.
  • You can Talk to an Astrologer before getting a Yantra for yourself – to ensure that you only get a Yantra that is 100% suitable and applicable to your situation and Horoscope.
  • We will not only energise and attune the Yantra before sending it to you but shall also give you clear directions on the installation of the Yantra.

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My married life is going through a rough patch right now. Which Yantra should I worship to make things better?

Problems in your marital life can be caused by a variety of planetary combinations in your Kundali. Therefore, it is recommended that you have your Kundali checked to determine the exact cause of your marital problems.

How does a Yantra work?

Yantras are divine symbols or talismans with scientific foundations. They are frequently made up of geometrical patterns that release/create positive energy fields that aid you in your mission. A Yantra’s energy field spreads to the environment in which it is worshipped and influences the people in that environment.

Is it essential to take an expert’s opinion before using a Yantra?

Some Yantras, such as Shri Yantra, are appropriate for everyone or all issues and can be used without hesitation. But that doesn’t mean an expert opinion isn’t valuable or necessary. It is essential to seek expert advice before purchasing/installing a Yantra, especially if it is for a specific purpose. To get immediate results, energise a particular planet or area of your life, or solve a particular problem, you need targeted Yantras, which should not be used without expert guidance and attunement.

Why should I get a worshipped/ attuned Yantra only?

A Yantra, as previously stated, operates on an energy field principle, so it must be properly cleansed, sanctified, energised, and attuned to provide you with the full benefit. If you want to reap the benefits of the Yantra installed at your place of worship, you must worship and sanctify it regularly. A non-worshipped/non-attuned Yantra is analogous to a body devoid of the soul – a Yantra must be energised through proper rituals.