Rahu Yantra

Rahu Yantra - Copper

  • Worship Rahu Yantra to appease planet Rahu
  • It gives you protection from the negative influence of planet Rahu
  • It creates the aura that protects you from unexpected losses
  • It blesses you with good health, wealth, and prosperity
  • Personalised Yantra based on your sankalp
  • Purified, Energised and Attuned by Expert Pandits
  • 100% Authentic and Genuine Yantra


Repel Malefic Impacts Of Rahu On Your Life With Rahu Yantra Copper!

Rahu Yantra possesses the divine healing powers that help you to remove all the obstacles and hurdles from your life. It enhances the positive impact of Rahu and reduces its ill effects on you. Rahu Kavach Yantra saves you from unexpected losses and misfortunes. Rahu Yantra creates a powerful aura around you that protects you against failure and unexpected ups and downs in your career & business. It will magnify the positive powers of Rahu and help you to get victory over enemies.

To amplify its benefits, Rahu Yantra Copper is especially energised and attuned by MyPandit Expert Astrologers by performing Vedic rituals.

  • Rahu Yantra Copper helps you to appease planet Rahu and protects you from the malefic impacts and misfortunes.
  • You get attuned & energised Rahu Yantra by Expert Astrologers using strict Vedic rituals for maximum benefits.
  • Rahu Yantra is etched on a 100% pure & thick Copper sheet.
  • We make sure that you get Yantra with long-lasting finishing & clear etching. 
  • 100% Authenticity Guaranteed – correct & clearly embossed geometric patterns based on extensive research.

How does Yantra work?

  • Consecrate your living space and get protection from the malefic impact of Rahu by bringing Copper Rahu Yantra into your home or office.
  • Rahu Yantra Copper is specially designed to improve certain aspects of your life that are highly influenced by the malefic Rahu.
  • It will magnify the positive influence of Rahu and negate its ill effects.
  • It has an effect on your body, your environment, and your life’s direction and destiny.
  • Rahu Yantra has powerful energy forms that enliven and transform your home or office into a sacred space. It radiates the benefic energy of planet Rahu.
  • It allows you to live every moment of your life in God’s safe and nurturing embrace.
  • The special geometric designs on Yantra helps to attract the positive impact of the planet associated with it

Shipping Details

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Why should I buy Rahu Yantra from you?

We guarantee you that Copper Rahu Yantra is of high quality and authentic with correct & clearly embossed geometric patterns. They are energised for you by expert and experienced Vedic Astrologers. 

How is your guidance/ product helpful?

With our assurance of offering you a 100% authentic product, you get a Yantra with clearly embossed geometric patterns as per the ancient symbolism associated with various planets. This helps you to get the maximum benefits from the Yantra. Also, you get attuned to Yantra for easy instalment. Our Experts will also provide you with clear directions on the installation of the Yantra.

What is a Yantra?

Yantra means ‘machine’. Our work can be done easily with the help of a machine i.e. Yantra. Same way, divine Yantras also serve your purpose and help you overcome your problems. It is an encoded version of Vedic Mantras of a particular zodiac sign, planet, God, Goddess or energy. It is also the ‘power house’ of that particular energy field where that energy resides. The geometric diagram etched on the metal plate helps to remove negative energies around you. Yantras are energized by performing Vedic rituals and customs, known as Praanpratishtha.

How does a Yantra work?

Yantra is a powerful tool that emits cosmic positive energies and curbs negative energies around you. Yantras are divine symbols or talismans, and have a scientific base. They are often formed of geometrical patterns, which release/ create positive energy fields that help you to accomplish your purpose.

I am facing financial issues. How can I know which Yantra would be most suitable for me? 

Before using a Yantra, it is important that you get your horoscope analysed by an expert astrologer. This assures that you will get a Yantra that is suitable for your current situation in life and matches with the planetary positions in your birth chart. You can also Talk to MyPandit Expert Astrologers to get accurate advice regarding this matter. This shall enable you to select the right Yantra for yourself.

Is it important to take an expert’s opinion before using a Yantra?

Some Yantras are suitable for everyone or for all issues and may be used without specific opinion. But, that doesn’t mean that expert guidance is not needed. It is always beneficial to get an expert opinion, before you get/ install a Yantra, especially if it is for specific purposes. To get effective results, to energise a particular planet or area of your life, to solve a specific issue – you need targeted Yantras, and they should not be used without consulting an expert astrologer.

Why should I get energised and attuned Rahu Yantra only?

A Yantra always works on an energy field principle, so it should be properly cleansed, sanctified, energised and attuned, and get the maximum benefit out of it.  In fact, you also need to regularly worship and sanctify the Yantra installed at your place of worship. It is believed that a non-energised or non-attuned Yantra is like a body without a soul – hence a Yantra must be energised with proper rituals.

Will a Yantra work even if not washed or worshipped regularly?

Worshipping and washing a Yantra regularly is advisable. However, due to some reasons, if you cannot, there is no adverse effect. The power it consists of will still be there but not as activated and effective. However, washing and worshipping the Yantra regularly will give maximum and effective results.