Mangal-Ketu Angarak Yantra – Copper

Mangal-Ketu Angarak Yantra - Copper

  • Controls energy flowing in negative areas, tames impulsive behaviour
  • Removes the negative influence of Mars and Ketu
  • Helps control pride and overcome arrogance
  • Eradicates the chances of running into accidents and misfortunes
  • Controls your anger and slows down impulsive decisions
  • Personalized Yantra based on your sankalp
  • Purified, Energised and Attuned by Expert Pandits
  • 100% Authentic and Genuine Yantra


Mangal-Ketu Angarak Yog

Mars is regarded as an unlucky or unfavourable planet. Mars’ significant phase lasts seven years. It works exceptionally well in abortions, denial of children, remaining in debt, and inability to repay despite good intentions. Rather than increasing debt and making life a living hell, Mangal Yantra worship can help you overcome all of these problems or difficulties. The Puranas describe the significance of worshipping the planet Mars. Mars fulfils all of a man’s desires; after being pleased and satisfied.

This Yantra should be worshipped and installed to appease Mars. Mars is a planet of pure raw energy that drives and controls our actions. Mars represents our actions without regard for them, whereas the energy of the planet Sun is controlled by reasoning.

To amplify the Copper plated Mangal-Ketu Angarak Yog Yantra’s power, strength and benefits, it is energised and attuned by MyPandit’s Expert Pandits by performing strict Vedic rituals.

  • “Ketu” is not a visible spiritual body, according to Vedic Astrology. It is known as a “shadow” planet because it is one of the Moon’s invisible nodes, a point in space connected to the Earth’s ecliptic and the Moon’s path. Ketu Yantra is a beneficial talisman used to appease the planet Ketu. If Ketu is evil in your horoscope, this Yantra is recommended to counteract the nasty special effects.
  • Shree Mangal Ketu Angarak Yog Nivaran Yantra bestows you friendship, respect, love, assistance, and charity! The Yantra removes all negativity and brings about business success as well as victory over enemies or opponents. It treats the numerous diseases caused by the planet’s negatives, such as skin problems and surgery. Ketu is sometimes referred to as the “saintly planet” because it can bring a strong desire for liberation. The recitation of its mantra in this manner supports and yields impressive results! It has a tremendous impact on people’s lives. It helps and supports a man to reach the pinnacle of fame or name in some exceptional circumstances.
  • Mangal Ketu Angarak Yog has an impact on both your financial situation and your health. This yoga leads to mishaps and injuries. This dosha should not be taken lightly because it has a significant impact on your life. Worship this Yantra to counteract the effects of this dosha. This Yantra is substantial and valuable for those who are dealing with the Mangal Ketu Angarak Yog. The Yantra for the Nivaran of this Yog will help you avoid all such bad habits, keep you on track, and make you a responsible person.

How does Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosh Nivaran Yantra work?

  • Because our Yantras are genuine and well-made, the geometric patterns are clear and valuable, assisting you in resolving your problem or energising a specific planet.
  • You can consult an Astrologer before purchasing a Yantra for yourself to ensure that you only purchase a Yantra that is entirely appropriate and applicable to your situation and Horoscope.
  • We will not only energise and tune the Yantra before sending it to you, but we will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to install the Yantra.

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There are some issues in my personal life right now. I want astrological guidance. How can I approach your astrologers?

You can contact our experienced astrologers by purchasing one of the reports. Because you appear to be dealing with multiple issues, you should get a Personal Ask 3 Questions report, or a Relationship Ask 3 Questions Detailed. Our astrologers will analyse your issues and provide you with sound advice. You can also consult an astrologer and discuss your problems with them one-on-one.

How does a Yantra work?

Yantras are divine symbols or talismans with scientific foundations. They are frequently made up of geometrical patterns that release/create positive energy fields that aid you in your mission. A Yantra’s energy field spreads to the environment in which it is worshipped and influences the people in that environment.

Is it essential to take an expert’s opinion before using a Yantra?

Some Yantras, such as Shri Yantra, are appropriate for everyone or all issues and can be used without hesitation. But that doesn’t mean an expert opinion isn’t valuable or necessary. It is crucial to seek expert advice before purchasing/installing a Yantra, especially if it is for a specific purpose. To get immediate results, energise a particular planet or area of your life, or solve a particular problem, you need targeted Yantras, which should not be used without expert attunement and guidance.

Why should I get an attuned Yantra only?

A Yantra, as previously stated, operates on an energy field principle, so it must be properly cleansed, sanctified, energised, and attuned to provide you with the full benefit. If you want to reap the benefits of the Yantra installed at your place of worship, you must worship and sanctify it regularly. A non-worshipped/non-attuned Yantra is analogous to a body devoid of the soul – a Yantra must be energised through proper rituals.