Vishnu Puja

Vishnu Puja

  • Vishnu Sahastranam brings peace and prosperity to your life.
  • Lord Vishnu Puja helps to boost your concentration power.
  • Lord Vishnu Puja helps you attain good health and wealth.
  • Personalized Puja Based On Your Sankalp
  • Attend Live Vedic Puja
  • Expert Team Of Vedic Pandits
  • Authentic Online Puja At Your Convenience


Vishnu Sahastranam Puja helps to strengthen the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in the horoscope. Vishnu Sahasranama Puja will help you overcome all the financial difficulties and bring you good wealth. To amplify the positive effects of Lord Vishnu Puja, we have a special puja room wherein our Expert Pandits perform Puja using high-quality Vishnu Puja Samagri.

  • Vishnu Sahastranam helps you to appease the planets Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter.
  • It protects you from negative energies.
  • Lord Vishnu Puja helps you overcome all the challenges in your life.
  • Virtually participate in the Live Group Puja
  • Team of renowned and acclaimed Pandits
  • Strictly Vedic Rituals followed

How Does Vishnu Sahastranama Puja Work?

  • There are many benefits of chanting Vishnu Sahastranam. It is one of the easy and simplest ways to invoke divine blessings of Lord Vishnu or offer thanks to him. Online Puja enables you to perform rituals of Vishnu Sahasranama puja at home.
  • Vishnu Sahasranam is powerful because during this Puja 1000 names of Lord Vishnu are chanted. Through this puja, thoughts and vibrations of spiritual forces are created around us. These cosmic forces eliminate the negative influences in our lives and surround us with positivity.
  • According to Vedic Scriptures, performing Vishnu Sahastranam Puja on auspicious dates brings life-changing positivity, blessings, and divine energies. Hence, to attract prosperity and good luck, Vishnu Puja is performed on auspicious dates/Muhurat.
  • At the end of the puja, the positive energies generated are transferred through Shreya Daan, which will help you to fulfil your purpose.

How will Vishnu Sahastranam Puja be performed?

Vishnu Puja is performed with Shodashopachara steps along with the Vedic Vishnu Puja mantra. Panditji will ask for your details and will study them to create a “Sankalpa”. This is very important for personalised puja. Then, the Panditji will start puja by following strict Vedic rituals. You can also attend this puja live. While the Puja is being done, try to recite “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” continuously. At the end of the Puja, Panditji will transfer the energies through “Shreya Dana” or “Sankalp Purti”. 

Will my physical presence be required?

No. Your physical presence is not required while the Puja is being done.

How long is the Vishnu Sahastranam Puja?

Generally, it takes around 2 to 2.5 hours. 

After performing Vishnu Sahastranam Puja when can I expect results?

The Vishnu Puja is a very powerful puja and it generates high positive energies. The strength of your “Sankalpa” or the Statement of Purpose determines how effective it will be. When this Puja is done with faith and dedication, you may get the results within 2 to 3 months.

Can I perform Vishnu Sahastranam Puja regularly?

Yes, this Puja can be performed regularly. It confers you with many benefits and helps you to live a peaceful and stress-free life. 

Is performing a Puja better than other remedies like Gemstone, Yantra, or Rudraksha?

Gemstone and Rudraksha have a lifelong purpose while Puja can have a specific purpose in the short term. The combination of wearing a suitable Gemstone or a Rudraksha based on your birth chart and performing a Puja has a very powerful impact on your life. 

Will Lord Vishnu puja also help my family members too?

Yes, Vishnu Sahastranam Puja can also help your family members. However, it is advisable to have one Puja performed for only one person at a time.