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Everyone has a purpose in life. Some have to serve humanity, some to make an impact, but everyone seeks meaning in their lives. Many times in our life, we find ourselves in the mode of comparison with others, with ourselves. We have these questions in our mind, why did this happen? Why am I not good enough? I’m find-the-best-astrologers-in-singapore/not sure why I’m doing this? And the list is endless because each one of us can go on and on. There’s just too much.

But that does not mean we give up on life, on ourselves. No matter what life throws at us, we have to keep dodging all the things, fall down and get up again to fight a new battle every day. But of course, we reach our limit when the problem vase gets full. Now, this is where we turn to someone who can help us. You feel the need to talk to Singapore astrologer or rather consult Singapore astrologer. They are good listeners who do give solutions to your problem too.

The best Indian astrologers in Singapore can be found on MyPandit. Talking to stars is what our Indian astrologer in Singapore do and give you astrological solutions. Astrology is based on science, and every moment we live, and every breath we take has a certain meaning from an astrological standpoint. From the moment they are born, everyone possesses an astronomical chart. It entails studying stars and planets in order to comprehend, predict, and recognise human behaviour. The famous astrologers in Singapore have all the expertise to help you with it.

If you search up astrology reading Singapore, you may find multiple search results. But can you just go to any astrologer in Garden city? We don’t think so. There are many factors that hamper in between. And so are the problems in our lives. Relationship misunderstandings, family disputes, marriage and divorce conflicts, financially struggling, not having a profession, etc. You need the top astrologers in Singapore to get you through this.

Now you would start typing furiously to search for love astrologers in Singapore or career astrologers Singapore, but you may end up confused with so many options. Why not have a one-stop solution for all? You can find the best astrologers in Singapore at MyPandit. We hope that after consulting with the Singapore Vedic astrologer, you get your answers and solutions, thereby leading a happy and fulfilled life.

Our finest Indian astrologer in Singapore analyses your horoscopes to determine what energies are impacting you and how you might react to those energies. Our best astrologer in Singapore is sure to be by your side at all times through your spiritual journey. Our astrologer’s solutions in Singapore can aid in your spiritual development.

You know, if you overthink it, you might just end up closing everything up, including your feelings and problems, and you might also regret not getting a solution for the same. We’ve all been there, but you can learn from other’s mistakes, right? What are you waiting for? Click that button and call them up.

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Our astrologers have been guiding Vodafone, Idea, Airtel customers since 2003. They are highly experienced and very accurate.

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India’s leading Certified Astrologers having experience of more than 15 years and 10 Lakh+ plus consultation over the phone.

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With a nominal amount you can now talk to the best astrologers of India at the most affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Question

MyPandit is a newly designed astrology application formulated to serve one and all. You can directly talk or chat with experienced astrologers to get rid of life hurdles. The App provides you a feature to check your personalized daily horoscopes, yearly reports besides access to other informative articles. Here is how MyPandit will help you to achieve positive results in different fields.

  • Finance

    Discover a perfect time to explore long term investment plans
    Find ways to expand your business
    Know how to enhance steady business growth

  • Career

    Take expert advice in choosing the right career path
    Know which stream to pursue for higher studies
    Identify your chances of getting overseas opportunities

  • Health

    Resolve health-related issues or take precautions to maintain good health
    Improve your health status by connecting with our astrologers
    Get help to overcome family’s health troubles

  • Love

    Know how soon will you meet your life partner
    Resolve intimate relationship issues
    Learn how to improve your relations with spouse and family members

Easy steps to get started with the MyPandit App

Step 1: Download the app from Play Store / App Store or access it from the MyPandit website.

Step 2: Simply login or register with your mobile number, facebook or Google email ID to get the benefits of astrology services 24*7.

Step 3: Edit your profile from the ‘Manage Profile’ section or add/recharge money balance to your account.

Step 4: Utilize the balance to purchase astrology services of your choice. (Utilize the balance to get astrology prediction)

There are no installation charges for MyPandit App. The MyPandit app comes at zero cost to check personalized daily horoscopes, analyse yearly reports or even access Janampatri. Charges are only applicable for ‘Chat’ or ‘Phone Call’.

For instance, you want to check the daily horoscope of Cancer signs, it’s free.
Whereas, if you want to resolve financial queries over the phone/chat, it’s paid service.

MyPandit brings you several free services that can be accessed 24*7 by just tapping on the screen of your mobile phone. Below are the services, which can be accessed without any charges.

  • Daily horoscopes based on your zodiac signs
  • Yearly reports
  • Hand-written Janampatri (Kundali)
  • Informative blogs or articles

Yes, you can merge accounts with your mobile number or email address as well. Below are the steps on how to merge accounts.

Step 1: Open MyPandit App on your mobile

Step 2: Click on the ‘My Account’ button on the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Select ‘Merge Account’ from the options.

Step 4: Type an email address or provide a mobile number

Step 5: Click the ‘Merge account’ button.

Your account will instantly merge with the given email or mobile number.

Yes, you can update your phone number from the ‘my account’ section. F Follow the below given steps

Step 1: Go to the ‘My Account’ section

Step 2: Click on the ‘Add number’ button, available at the left side of your screen.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number and press the ‘send OTP’ button

Step 4: Now you will receive an OTP (one time password) on your mobile phone.

Step 5: Enter the received OTP (received on your mobile phone) on the MyPandit App

Step 6: Press Add/Update button.

Your phone number will get added/updated in your profile.

Step 1: Open the MyPandit App on your mobile phone

Step 2: Select the ‘Balance & Recharge’ option from the right side menu.

Step 3: Enter the balance or recharge amount in the void

Step 4: Click on the ‘Add’ button

Your money will be added into your wallet. You can check the balance by selecting the ‘Balance & recharge’ option.

Check if the transaction has been a successful one or not. In case of a successful transaction, you need to refresh the page as it may take longer than usual for the amount to get reflected into your wallet due to technical issues. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, you will get a refund of the deducted amount in your source account within 6-7 working days. For more details you can reach us on 079-4900-7788 or email at

MyPandit app is committed to its customers’ safety. It is solely handled by our payment gateway partner, which is a 128-bit Verisign-secured site. We follow reasonable industry standard technical and procedural methods to protect our clients’ personal information from unauthorized access. You will have sole access to your payment details on the MyPandit App as well as on MyPandit website.

Read the below steps to know your current balance on MyPandit.

Step 1: Login into MyPandit App

Step 2: Select the ‘Recharge’ option from the top-right corner of your screen (Bottom right “Balance & Recharge Option”)

Step 3: You will get redirected to another page, where you can check the updated balance on your screen