Shani Sade Sati Yantra – Copper

Shani Sade Sati Yantra - Copper

  • Removes the negative influence of Lord Shani
  • Pacifies the effects of Saturn and enhance positive thinking
  • Helps you come out of depression and distorted thinking
  • Improvises personal relationships and trust
  • Overcomes issues of fear and removes negativity from life
  • Boosts your positive review and allow you to have an optimistic outlook
  • Personalised Yantra based on your sankalp
  • Purified, Energised and Attuned by Expert Pandits
  • 100% Authentic and Genuine Yantra


The word ‘Sade Sati’ is a Sanskrit word where ‘Sade’ means half and ‘Sati’ means the number ‘seven’. Thus, Sade Sati is a phase according to Indian astrology that lasts for a period of 7 1⁄2 years in the life of an individual. In astrology, Lord Shani (Saturn) is considered as the God of justice. Saturn influences the 12 houses in the horoscope differently.

These effects are caused by Saturn in our lives directly. In astrology, Saturn is a ferocious planet, but if Saturn is strong in the horoscope, it gives good results to the natives, while being weak it gives inauspicious results. In India, people are scared of this phase as it is believed to bring a lot of hurdles and hardships in the life of an individual. Along with hardships, this phase is known to be a good teacher who makes one recognise and rise above situations.

  • Whenever the planets Moon and Ketu are placed in the same house, it is referred to as Chandra Grahan Dosha. Grahan Dosha occurs when Rahu conjuncts sun or moon, and Ketu conjuncts sun or moon in a horoscope.
  • This Grahan Dosh causes difficulties in conceiving children, repeated miscarriages, children at home falling more frequently. 
  • This dosh is a capture dosh, meaning it captures natives by force. They will always be lacking in one aspect. They will have everything but will also be master of none and jack of all trades. They will always receive less than they deserve. They may experience depression or grow tired of attempting a lot and receiving nothing in return. 

How do Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh remedies work?

  • Because our Yantras are genuine and well-made, the geometric patterns are clear and valuable, assisting you in resolving your problem or energising a specific planet.
  • You can consult an Astrologer before purchasing a Yantra for yourself to ensure that the Yantra is entirely appropriate and applicable to your situation and Horoscope.
  • We will not only energise and tune the Yantra before sending it to you, but we will also provide you with detailed installation instructions.

Shipping Details

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Whatever I do, somehow, I am unable to save money. How can I know which Yantra would be most suitable for me?

Before using a Yantra, you must get a proper Astrological reading. This is stressed to get a Yantra suitable for your current situation in life and matches with the planetary positions as per your Horoscope. Keeping this in mind, you can try our Wealth Ask a Question service or Wealth Report to find out the reason behind your problem. This shall enable you to choose a suitable Yantra for yourself.

Is it essential to take an expert’s opinion before using a Yantra?

Some Yantras like Shri Yantra are suitable for everyone or all issues and may be used without specific opinions. But, that’s not to say that an expert opinion doesn’t matter or is not needed. It is essential to get an expert opinion before you get/ instal a Yantra, especially if it is for specific purposes. To get acute results, to energise a particular planet or area of your life, to solve a particular issue – you need targeted Yantras, and they should not be used without expert guidance and attunement.

Why should I get a worshipped/ attuned Yantra only?

A Yantra, as already stated, works on an energy field principle, so it ought to be properly cleansed, sanctified, energised and attuned, so it gives you the full benefit. You, too, will need to regularly worship and bless the Yantra installed at your place of worship if you are to derive its benefits. A non-worshipped/ non-attuned Yantra is like a body without a soul – a Yantra must be energised with proper rituals.

Will a Yantra work even if not washed or worshipped regularly?

Worshipping and washing a Yantra regularly is advisable, like having a bath daily is advisable and necessary. However, if you cannot – due to odd circumstances, there is no adverse effect. The power it consists of will still be there but not as activated and effective. It is like – fan is on – but you are not regulating it to speed five, but it is rotating at speed 1. Acceleration is necessary, and only regular rituals and mantras prescribed can accelerate the energy.