Guru Graha Shanti Puja

Guru Graha Shanti Puja

  • Acknowledges wisdom and intelligence and boosts luck and fortune.
  • Maintains the balance of health and wealth.
  • Resolve delays in marriage.
  • Personalized Puja Based On Your Sankalp
  • Attend Live Vedic Puja
  • Expert Team Of Vedic Pandits
  • Authentic Online Puja At Your Convenience


Jupiter is considered Guru, and Brihaspati in Vedic Astrology. It has the capability to boost expansion and opportunities. The celestial divine power of Guru expels the darkness and it possesses great wisdom. There are some prolific effects of strong and weak Jupiter such as natives may feel a lack of confidence. Guru Puja will help you to strengthen the position of Jupiter and mitigate the unfavorable influence of Jupiter.

  • As the name Gurur Graha Shanti Puja suggests, this puja can lessen or erase the adverse effects of the planet Guru in a natal chart.
  • Since Guru is considered the teacher of the Gods and the sages, one can attain wisdom and knowledge by this puja.
  • Students who lose focus can increase their concentration power.
  • Those who face issues related to their marriage can also get relief by chanting this mantra.
  • Last but not least, one can attain a sense of calm and peace.

How Does Guru Graha Shanti Puja Work?

  • Brihaspati Puja with reciting 19000 Mantra and Homam of 1900 Mantras are the important rituals for performing Guru Puja, so it must be performed by Vedic priests who are well-versed in the Vedic scriptures. 
  • MyPandit has designed the most authentic way of doing puja with the Vedic process and hymns, also Puja will be performed by the most knowledgeable Sanskrit nobles/scholars.
  • Puja will be taken places by multiple priests assigned by MyPandit and led by the master Pandit with immense knowledge of Guru Graha Shanti Puja.

Shipping Details

Attuned Yantra, Yagya Bhasma & Pendant will be sent post-Puja through courier services that take 5-10 business days within India and 10-15 business days for international shipping.

How will the Puja be performed?

The puja will be performed in the following manner:-

The Acharya will receive details of all the pujas to be performed and will assign your puja to a particular Panditji and schedule it. The designated Panditji will perform only one puja at a time. Your Panditji will receive your details and will study it to create a Sankalpa or a Statement of Purpose for the Puja. This is very important since it has to align with your purpose. Just before the Puja starts, a call will be placed to you so that you can recite the Sankalpa with the Panditji. This marks the beginning. You can also attend this puja live via Google meet. While the Puja is being done, you should try to sit in a quiet corner in your house or in a temple and recite “Om Brihaspatye Namah” continuously. At the end of the Puja, your Panditji will call you again to transfer the positive energy generated during the Puja. This process is known as Shreya Dana or Sankalp Purti. This marks the end of the Puja.

Will my physical presence be required?

No. The beauty of this process is that you are not physically required to be present while the Puja is being done.

What details do you need to perform this Puja?

To perform the Guru Graha Puja we need the following from you:-

Full Name, Gotra (Not Mandatory), Current City of Residence including State, Country, Statement of Purpose, etc.

How long is the Guru Puja?

Generally, it takes 4 to 4.5 hours. To get maximum benefits it is advisable to chant “Om Brihaspataye Namah” while your Puja is being performed.

How do you personalize the Puja for me?

We personalise the Puja for you in the following manner:- A dedicated Panditji is allocated to perform your Puja. For 4 to 4.5 hours he performs the Puja only for you. You can also attend this puja live via Google meet. The Statement of Purpose given by you is the basis of the “Sankalpa” which Your Panditji gets you to recite before your Puja begins. This is done over a phone call. At the end of the Puja, you get one more phone call to collect the spiritual energy generated during the procedure. This is known as “Shreya Dana” or “Sankalp Purti”.

After performing this Puja, when can I expect results?

Guru Graha Shanti Puja is a very powerful process and it generates a considerable amount of positive energy. The strength of your “Sankalpa” or the Statement of Purpose determines how effective it will be. When this Puja is done with full involvement and faith you will get the results within 2 to 3 months.

Can I perform this Puja regularly? 

Yes, this Puja can be performed regularly primarily for the following purposes:- If the “Sankalpa” or the Statement of Purpose is too big, just one Puja might not be sufficient to give you enough spiritual energy to overcome the obstacles in your path. You might have to repeat the Puja on a monthly basis to get the desired results. If the negative impacts of planetary combinations are too strong, the amount of spiritual energy required is higher and the Puja can be repeated in that case too. If you have significantly huge “dosha” or negative influences by birth, then this Puja done on a yearly basis can work wonders for you. Depending on the situation, It may take a few months to show the results, but performing it regularly does create a positive upward spiral for you.

Is performing a Puja better than other remedies like Gemstone, Yantra, or Rudraksha? 

Generally speaking, Gemstone and Rudraksha have a lifelong purpose. When they are worn they amplify the power of a particular planet. A Puja is performed with a specific purpose to redirect the energy of the planet in the right direction and get desired results. The combination of wearing a Gemstone or a Rudraksha and performing a Puja is a very powerful one, especially when you want to achieve a huge goal or want to escape from the negative effects of adverse planetary combinations.

Will this puja also help my family members too?

Yes, it can help your family members, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, in short, EVERYONE. However, it is advisable to get your chart analyzed by experienced astrologers to check if the particular Graha Shanti Puja is necessary for you or not.