Myrrh Incense Sticks

Myrrh Incense Sticks

  • Eliminate anxiety, depression and foul odour
  • Made from naturally sourced ingredients
  • Relaxing and anointing fragrance
  • Boost your peace of mind and calmness
  • Good for mental and physical health 
  • Woody, warm and slightly medicinal fragrance
  • Attuned and energised by our expert Pandits
  • Purifies the Aura and Environment
  • Burn time approx. 40 minutes per stick


Egyptians and even Christians have traditionally utilised myrrh fragrance as part of a moisturising ritual or as a home fragrance for healthy skin. It is also thought to provide significant mental and physical health advantages, owing to its relaxation-inducing characteristics. According to the Bible, Myrrh can be used as an analgesic for toothaches and an ointment for bruises, aches, and sprains. Tooth powders frequently contain myrrh. The three wise men gave it to infant Jesus on the day of his birth. Myrrh’s scent is woody, warm, aromatic and spicy, and slightly medicinal.

According to the Bible, Myrrh can be used as an analgesic for toothaches and an ointment for bruises, aches, and sprains. Tooth powders frequently contain myrrh. Myrrh fragrance, which is commonly used as an anointing aroma, provides numerous health advantages. It has a fresh, pleasant aroma with a tinge of spice.

  • According to the Biblical storey, as told in Matthew 2:1-12, on the eve of his birth, an infant Jesus of Nazareth was visited in Bethlehem by Magi bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
  • Myrrh has been used as a toothache painkiller and in liniments for bruises, pains, and sprains. Myrrh is commonly found in tooth powders.
  • Egyptians and even Christians have traditionally used this fragrance as a home fragrance for flawless skin.
  • Because of its historical and noble importance, it has traditionally been regarded as a potent anointing agent and an appropriate gift.

Shipping Details And Usage

To use appropriately, first identify the appropriate type of incense stick. At MyPandit, we recommend covered ones because they make it easier to collect and dispose of the ash and keep any items outside from becoming a fire hazard. After 10 seconds, blow off the incense stick tip. Please put it in a suitable, safe location in the room.

All shipments are sent through reputed courier services that take 3-7 business days within India and 7-15 business days for international shipping.

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What does burning frankincense and myrrh do?

According to one study, burning myrrh incense reduced airborne bacterial counts by 68%. According to preliminary animal research, myrrh can kill germs directly and stimulate the immune system to make more white blood cells, which can kill bacteria.

What are frankincense and myrrh incense sticks good for?

Frankincense Myrrh Incense Sticks provide a long-lasting fragrant scent that inhibits deterioration and functions as an anti-ageing agent. The scent can favourably aid in the healing of skin lesions, infections, and wounds. In religious rites and rituals, the sticks are fervently utilised for purification and healing.

What does myrrh incense smell like?

Myrrh is resinous with an aromatic woody and slight medicinal smell. It has a calming aroma, similar to frankincense or pine. The resin has a smokier and sweeter aroma than essential oils, distilled using steam and having a more therapeutic quality.

What is the difference between frankincense and myrrh?

Both frankincense and myrrh are resins originating from the Burseraceae tree family, sometimes known as the torchwood or incense family. Frankincense is made from the dried sap of Boswellia trees, whereas myrrh is made from the sap of Commiphora trees.