Gulab incense Sticks

Gulab incense Sticks

  • Eliminate anxiety, depression and foul odour
  • Made from naturally sourced ingredients 
  • Helpful in reducing Vastu dosha
  • Helps To Invoke Divine Blessings Of Goddess Lakshmi
  • Attracts peace and prosperity
  • Attuned and energised by our expert Pandits
  • Purifies The Aura and Environment
  • Burn time approx. 40 minutes per stick


Create an inviting and refreshing aura with Hem Gulab Incense Sticks – attuned and energised by MyPandit Expert Pandits. In Vedic astrology, the rose is considered the favourite flower of Goddess Lakshmi and is associated with the planets, Mars and Venus. The aroma created by burning Hem Gulab incense sticks will help you attract peace and prosperity into your life.

A natural rose aroma provides a hygienic and pleasant environment and aids in treating mental depression and is an energy booster. It exudes an unexplainable atmosphere that represents harmony, beauty, and love. Use our energised and attuned incense for religious, spiritual, cultural, and meditation purposes.

  • The natural rose fragrance of Hem Precious Gulab Hexa incense sticks is produced using a traditional secret recipe.
  • Natural ingredients provide a pure and pleasant scent and help the incense burn for a more extended period of time.
  • They are commonly used to treat mental depression and be an energy booster.
  • Hem Precious Gulab Hexa incense sticks make an excellent gift and can be used at home or in the office due to their refreshing and calming aroma.
  • Each hexagonal box contains 20, 9-inch-long sticks with a mild Gulab fragrance.

Shipping Details And Usage

To use appropriately, first identify the appropriate type of incense stick. At MyPandit, we recommend covered ones because they make it easier to collect and dispose of the ash and keep any items outside from becoming a fire hazard. After 10 seconds, blow off the incense stick tip. Please put it in a suitable, safe location in the room.

All shipments are sent through reputed courier services that take 3-7 business days within India and 7-15 business days for international shipping. 

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What is Gulab (Rose) incense?

Rose incense has a lovely and confident smell that can add depth to our emotions. It promotes sleep, decreases anger, is somewhat anti-depressive, soothes conflict, and instils a sense of peace, happiness, and confidence.

What is Rose incense used for?

It brings love, compassion, and dedication into your life while also providing security and spiritual attunement. Rose incense also helps to reduce anxiety while also offering a sense of tranquilly, contentment, and confidence.

What is the most popular incense?

Out of our wide range of products, Hem Camphor and Hem precious lavender incense sticks are the most widely used worldwide. Chandan (sandalwood), too, holds an upper hand over other fragrances. 

What does lavender incense help with?

Lavender – Many people use lavender to fragrance their homes, and lavender incense is ideal for creating a pleasant and calming ambience. This smell is suitable for improving your emotional wellbeing and generating a harmonious balance in your inner psyche, as it is used to reduce anxiety and mental stress.