Chandan Incense Sticks

Chandan Incense Sticks

  • Eliminates anxiety, depression and foul odour
  • Made from naturally sourced ingredients
  • Helpful in reducing Vastu dosha
  • Strengthens Jupiter and promotes an optimistic vision
  • Sweet, delicate, scintillating smelling floral fragrance
  • Attuned and energised by our expert Pandits
  • Purifies The Aura and Environment
  • Burn time approx. 40 minutes per stick


Since Vedic times, Chandan (Indian sandalwood) has held an important and revered position in India. Its scent aids in the reduction of anxiety and the enhancement of calm.

Relax your senses, refresh your mind and clear off negativity with Hem Precious Chandan incense sticks – attuned and energised by MyPandit Expert Vedic Astrologers. The earthy, woody and natural fragrance will not only purify your surroundings but also relaxes your system and boosts mental calmness.

As per Vedic Astrology, using a Sandalwood incense stick will help you strengthen your Jupiter and remove negative thoughts from your mind.

Burning attuned and energised Sandalwood incense will relieve your anxiety and attract positive energy in the comfort of your own home. Our incense can be used for religious, spiritual, cultural, and meditation purposes.

  • Hem Precious Chandan Hexa has an earthy, woody, and natural fragrance that neutralises odours and purifies the environment.
  • They are made from natural extracts of the Chandan bark and have an aroma that relaxes your system and boosts mental calmness.
  • Because of their pure and positive aroma, they are widely used at home and during rituals.
  • They are also suitable for gifting and can be used as a home air freshener.
  • Hem Precious Incense Sticks are known for their enchanting fragrance that lasts a long time and has a perfect mixture of natural ingredients.
  • Each hexagonal contains 20 9-inch sticks with a traditional classic fragrance and a burn time of 30-40 minutes per stick.

Shipping Details And Usage

To use appropriately, first identify the appropriate type of incense stick. At MyPandit, we recommend covered ones because they make it easier to collect and dispose of the ash and keep any items outside from becoming a fire hazard. After 10 seconds, blow off the incense stick tip. Please put it in a suitable, safe location in the room.

All shipments are sent through reputed courier services that take 3-7 business days within India and 7-15 business days for international shipping.

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What is Chandan incense?

Chandan Incense is an unaltered sandalwood scent created from fine-grained sandalwood bark and roots and then fragranced with historically created pure Mysore sandal oil perfumes. Chandan is regarded as one of India’s most critical religious scents.

What does Chandan incense smell like?

Sandalwood has a deep, woody scent with floral, rich, balsamic, soft, and sweet undertones. Because of its wonderful scent, it is frequently used as a base note in many well-known perfumes and colognes.