5 variant assorted Dhoop Sticks

5 variant assorted Dhoop Sticks

  • Eliminate anxiety, depression and foul odour
  • Made using traditional methods to have a temple-like experience 
  • Made of charcoal and 100% natural resins
  • Boost your peace of mind and calmness
  • Has a mixed fragrance of Lavender, Rose, Mogra, and Musk
  • Attuned and energised by our expert Pandits
  • Purifies the Aura and Environment
  • Burn time approx. 40 minutes per dhoop
  • Contains: 150 sticks with dhoop stick holder


Dhoop perfumes are used not just for prayer but also to maintain homes smelling nice and to set the right mood. Chandan Dhoop sticks, for example, have been lingering smells to wake up to. Lavender, Rose, Mogra, and Musk scented dhoop Sticks are frequently lighted in the afternoons or evenings to keep the mood light. Patchouli is an excellent fragrance to use after a gathering because it combats harsh aromas.

HEM Precious 5 Variant Assorted Incense Dhoop Sticks Set includes a scent for every home necessity and form of prayer. This fragrance collection provides something for every situation, whether it’s a meditation session, a passionate prayer group, or even a gathering of friends and relatives. Chandan Dhoop Sticks keep the home feeling fresh and aromatic, and the fragrance has been proven to induce relaxation.

  • Dhoop Sticks should preferably be stored on a professional dhoop Sticks stand, away from sources of fire or flammable things. Numerous dhoop Stick stands are available, and pairing these with the appropriate dhoop stand for your home is always suggested.
  • People of diverse cultures in India have traditionally utilised Dhoop. Lighting dhoops have been known to leave rooms aromatic for some time after the dhoop Sticks have been depleted. 
  • Dhoop Sticks aid in the fight against unwanted odours, complementing your efforts to keep the house looking and smelling nice.

Shipping Details And Usage

To use appropriately, first identify the appropriate type of incense stick. At MyPandit, we recommend covered ones because they make it easier to collect and dispose of the ash and keep any items outside from becoming a fire hazard. After 10 seconds, blow off the incense stick tip. Please put it in a suitable, safe location in the room.

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