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Sezal saundarya

2000-12-11 08:02

Sasaram, Bihar, India


I want to know when will I get job. I am a student in computer science background and my placements are going on but even after 2 months there is no positive result… I really need job.


Dear Sezal saundarya,

There is no restriction anywhere in your placement, so be patient, your placement will be done as per your birth chart. The lord of the 6th house is in the 2nd house, so you are likely to get a job. Saturn's position and Jupiter's position are also on your 6th house, so you will definitely get a job. Ketu is in your ascendant, which may create some problems for you can

Important Information About Your Kundali

Ketu is placed in your ascendant so create some blockage,
If you face any type of health Issues i suggest you ketu grah shanti