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Munjal Pandya

1994-04-22 06:40



want to know about his career , marrage & finance stability of life,


Dear Munjal Pandya,

Career & Finance: From mid-August 2023 you will be able to grab some good opportunities towards further stability. The period between mid-August 2023 and February 2024 will give you a boost in your professional-financial life.

Marriage: The period between November 2023 and July 2024 will remain opportune for you to find the right partner for your marriage. You are likely to get married in this phase. The chances of arranged marriage are strong.

Important Information About Your Kundali

You should wear Yellow Sapphire on the index finger or forefinger of your right hand. It will boost your fortune. Wearing this gemstone will augment your wisdom and general prosperity.