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arti kishinchandani

1986-03-16 23:04



I want to know about my source where clients where they will come from for my yoga and pranic healing ?colony or society Online or job plz help


Dear arti kishinchandani,

FOCUS MORE ON THE COLONY AND SOCIETY, please fix a proper schedule for opening and closing times of the place of business (OFFICE OR THE LAB WHERE YOU ARE OFFERING SERVICES). Online sources may give you leads however, their conversion into real business is skeptical. The concept of a "Real world place of purchase and delivery of the goods in a tangible fashion" is more applicable in your case.

Important Information About Your Kundali

You need to be a little soft while talking to your customers, Step into the shoes of the customers while dealing with them. A compassionate tone during business dealings is the primary requisite. Adopt a " passive voice" while dealing with the customers during the phase of business initiation.