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Rajni Kant Verma

1964-05-16 10:15

Dhanbad Railway Station, Jharkhand, India


My financial position is in strain, please let me know when it will improve. When I will get new job.


Dear Rajni Kant Verma,

You have two problems in your Horoscope you are under the influence of Shani 30 month bad period of Shani which is called Dhaiya and your Jupiter is also negative up to 26th of November you need to do remedy aur upay to counter ill effects of negativity

Important Information About Your Kundali

Shani you pour water in the root of peepal tree every Saturday morning at sunrise time and mix it with black til milk and spoon of Gangajal and then offer in the route of peepal tree and light therea diya of mustard oil in the night