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Henny pathak

1992-06-05 19:04

Vadodara, Gujarat, India


shall I stay in my current company Brainvire Infotech Pvt Ltd, by changing the team or shall I accept and start working in new company Amnex Infotechlogy Pvt Ltd?


Dear Henny pathak,

I have gone through your horoscope ine detail you are running under 30 month negative period of Shani
In transit also it is negative up to 6of April 2024 transit Brihaspati is negative in transit up to 26 of February and your annual you should take the risk as your varshafal up to 5th of June 2024 is not supporting you at all so I suggest you must stay with your previous organization until and unless you face any trouble

Important Information About Your Kundali

offer water including raw milk black Til a spoon of Gangajal in the peepal tree root on every Saturday sunrise time
Light a lamp there in night
Gift yellow kurta Dal Chana banana besan laddu and haldi powder to the priest of Temple take his blessings by touching his feet