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Geeta Devaragudi

1967-11-01 10:45



Going through marital disharmony. married for 27 years. now separated since 10 years. Is there any possibility of reconciliation? If not what about my future?


Dear Geeta Devaragudi ,

Time after 28, March 2024 may add new dimensions to the relationship or bring new alliances for you by bringing fresh choices for marital partnerships. Reconciliation cannot be ruled out, however, the output is based upon the kundli of the other partner who is in question. The marked arrival of the lord of the seventh house indicates a positive ripple in the field of marital partnerships, a new alliance or a refreshed old alliance will definitely make an appearance.

Important Information About Your Kundali

The arrival of the seventh lord Dasha predicts a beneficial partnership equivalent to a matrimonial alliance, remedies can be awarded after a consultancy session aimed to understand the behavior of the planets on the basis of symptomatic traits and past occurrences in life.