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priya acharya

1991-05-30 06:45

Belagavi, Karnataka, India


i got confusion about gem stone sir, plz confirm about stone, m facing heavy financial issues and business problems, no leads.need remedies plz


Dear priya acharya,

As I told you in the past as well, Jupiter needs more power, it can increase your capacity of "working by hand" and help you in restoring connections with business allies, apart from it can also help you in creating a condition where your investments can perform better and bail you out, Saturn, on the other hand, don't need additional power. It is perfectly placed in your chart and takes its own time in showing its real potential.

Important Information About Your Kundali

The current problem may be because of ill-placed Rahu, please focus more on public dealing, and rethink more about your communication style, time till October may bring sudden gains and losses both.