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Srushti harmale

2003-05-10 21:39

pune maharashtra


Can become sub collector by passing mpsc exam and answer is no tell me how should i do career


Dear Srushti harmale,

You will score well in education, however, chances of cracking UPSC are low, instead, you can opt for a legal profession. It is good for you, you can become an argument lawyer in the future. Also, You can also think in terms of studying abroad and seek for a career that is rooted in off-shore countries. I will strongly recommend a legal profession for you. Chances are bright in this area.

Important Information About Your Kundali

The placement of Ketu indicates that you should focus more on study options that are far from your birth place, also legal options can bring good results for you because you have a penchant for exploring the matters with the help of logic and IQ.