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S Das

1983-07-06 02:45

Kolkata,West Bengal,India


I would like to know about my career growth in the next 1 year. I am looking for a new role in my current organisation. Will I be able to secure it?


Dear S Das,

Dear Das Ji I have checked and analysed your Horoscope which gives me a very good impression SRS your career is concerned it is excellent and fruitful need not worry you will be gaining lot of finance and your financial worries will be over you will have name and fame this year Chor expenses will increase but so is your earning or financial gains

Important Information About Your Kundali

everything is in your favour at the moment except for Shani you do remedy offer water including raw milk black till and spoon of Ganga jal into the glass and poet in the route of peepal tree and light a lab of mustard oil in the night