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siddharth siddharth

1987-01-30 23:10



I m engaged in family business of electrical goods in delhi in order to expand I m planning a new outlet in noida in partnership is this period is supportive to do it


Dear siddharth siddharth,

Your planets will allow you to expand your professional wings through a new start-up in Noida post-February 2024. However, joint venture/partnership activities should be avoided according to your chart.

As per your chart, the 7th house of partnership is severely afflicted so you may opt for independent business. Plus, you are good at communication so you should give your expert advice/opinions to the needy professionals, if possible to you.

Important Information About Your Kundali

Your chart indicates that you will be able to flourish in your business pursuits because of your creative abilities and intelligence. You will like to stay in touch with the latest trends and will prefer the modern and unconventional path in your business.