Shrapit Dosa Nivaran (Shani-Ketu) – Copper

Shrapit Dosa Nivaran (Shani-Ketu) - Copper

  • Helps get rid of adverse effects of Shrapit Dosa
  • Helps protect from the curse of previous lives
  • Increases family harmony and avoid family disputes
  • Gives positive outcomes of your hard work in your professional life
  • De-stresses your relationship and helps avoid being separated from loved ones
  • Helps overcome restlessness and anxiety in your life
  • Personalized Yantra based on your sankalp
  • Purified, Energised and Attuned by Expert Pandits
  • 100% Authentic and Genuine Yantra


Shrapit Dosh is formed in our Kundali when Shani and Ketu Graha Yuti are formed. Also when the Shani Graha sees the house in which Ketu is present and When Ketu Graha Sees the House in which Shani will be present.

This yoga produces sorrow, humiliation, poverty, misery, debt, and loss in Business or Professional development. the person is surrounded by negative thoughts and his work starts to deteriorate.To amplify the Copper plated Shrapit Dosa Nivaran Yantra’s power, strength and benefits, it is energised and attuned by MyPandit’s Expert Pandits by performing strict Vedic rituals.

  • When Shani and Ketu Graha conjunct in our Kundali, Shrapit Dosa is formed.
  • This dosa causes sorrow, humiliation, poverty, misery, debt, and business or professional development loss.
  • Negative thoughts surround the individual, and his work begins to suffer as a result.
  • It is recommended to offer Daan of Black Til to Shani Graha and Kulthi or Black Udad to Ketu Graha.

How does Shrapit Dosa Nivaran Yantra work?

  • With our guarantee that you will receive a genuine and authentic product, you will receive a Yantra with an embossed geometric pattern based on ancient symbolism associated with various planets. This enables you to make the most of the Yantra.
  • You can consult our expert astrologers over the phone to assist you in purchasing a suitable Yantra for yourself.
  • We will not only energise and tune the Yantra for you, but we will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to install the Yantra. 

Shipping Details

All shipments are sent through reputed courier services that take 3-7 business days within India and 7-15 business days for international shipping. 

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Whatever I decide to do, some of the other problems always crop up. For example, how can I know which Yantra would be most suitable for me?

You must first obtain a proper Astrological reading before using a Yantra. This emphasises the importance of finding a Yantra that is appropriate for your current situation and corresponds to the planetary positions in your horoscope. Keeping this in mind, we recommend that you get a Chart Your Destiny reading or a Janampatri reading to determine the root cause of your problem. This will allow you to select a Yantra that is appropriate for you. 

Is it essential to take an expert’s opinion before using a Yantra?

Some Yantras, such as Shri Yantra, are appropriate for everyone or all issues and can be used without regard for specific opinions. But that doesn’t mean an expert opinion isn’t valuable or necessary. However, it is essential to seek expert advice before purchasing/installing a Yantra, especially for a specific purpose. For example, suppose you want to energise a particular planet or area of your life or solve a specific problem. In that case, you need targeted Yantras, which should not be used without expert guidance and attunement. 

Why should I get a worshipped/ attuned Yantra only?

A Yantra, as previously stated, operates on an energy field principle, so it must be properly cleansed, sanctified, energised, and attuned to provide you with the full benefit. If you want to reap the benefits of the Yantra installed in your place of worship, you must worship and consecrate it regularly. A non-worshipped/non-attuned Yantra is analogous to a body without a soul – a Yantra must be energised with appropriate rituals.