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With some crucial planetary transits, 2022 is the year of significant anticipation. If expert guidance is not sought, your astrologically good time can not be leveraged enough. Here Your 2022 Report comes into play! It is an extensively in-depth report covering all your major life-areas.

Free Janampatri
Life is uncertain and we all always try to discover the ways to handle these uncertainties. No wonder, free Kundli is your first move in that direction. Your birth chart or ascendant kundli will help you get a more extensive analysis of your life. It will guide you to determine the future in a more systematic and approachable way. From the decisions you make to the emotions you feel, all of it depends on the position of the planets at the time of your birth. Your birth chart or Janam kundli represents how the energy of planets affects the way you act, how you feel, and the decisions you make every day.In astrology, each planet represents a different set of qualities and characteristics. They also bring with them their own unique energies. Your free kundali by date of birth is a graphical representation of planets at the time of your birth, an in-depth analysis of your characteristics, personality, temperament, strengths, and weaknesses. Additionally, it is a glimpse of how planets influence your luck and can work as a blueprint of your life and a roadmap that shows how your life will be. Birth chart analysis or kundali reading can be your useful guide at the time of selecting your career, making business decisions, or choosing your life partner. Not only this, your Janam kundali plays a vital role in marriages. The horoscope by date of birth of two individuals is matched to check the compatibility of two people.Moreover, it can also alert you about the upcoming challenges in your life so that you can make the right decision. It helps you reveal your true potential. Additionally, free Janam kundali analysis uncovers your Astro-profile from which you can know your lucky planets, lucky days, lucky colours, and lucky numbers. Your horoscope by date of birth can tell you in advance about the most opportune and unfavourable time frames in your life so that you can make out the most from it.

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Kundli is a blueprint of an individual prepared using an astrological study and astrology study/insights help you to get more clarity of life. Janam Kundli plays a vital role in determining the future of your life and helping to live a contented and satisfying life. Your horoscope or Janampatri shows the position of the planets, the nature of the planets including the sun and moon during the time of birth. This helps in determining your strengths, weakness, and other significant information that can make your future bright!

Your Janampatri helps you to understand yourself better. It guides you to lead your life in the right direction. Moreover, it is not limited to only one section of your life. Be it your career success, financial upliftment, business growth, or love and marriage prospects, your Janam Kundali has got you covered. It even predicts if any struggles or bad times lie ahead, because of which you take timely precautions to avoid or nullify those circumstances. Hence, you can rest easy with detailed horoscope analysis beforehand.

Online MyPandit Janampatri is made by an experienced astrologer along with high-end technology. It combines with the best of both worlds and not only covers an in-depth analysis of all the areas of your life but also helps you to make major decisions and favourable timelines to fulfil all your desires and personal and professional goals.